We are an Assemblies of God Church and a local congregation.  This means that we are a family of believers located right here in Crocker, Missouri that are working together to seek and share Jesus with our community and neighbors.  It also means we have the backing of a worldwide organization that empowers the local church with numerous resources through Convoy of Hope, Speed the Light, Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC),  Royal Rangers, Mpact Girls Clubs and many more.  We have access to camps and retreats sponsored at the district, state, and national level to edify and enhance our youth and adult members.

It all starts with a loving family atmosphere within our church at 16642 HWY 17.  We welcome visitors and greet them with acceptance and love.  We yearn to introduce or reintroduce people to Jesus no matter what their past or present condition.  We simply want to better God's Kingdom and praise and worship Him.  Everything we do in the church is either to spread the Love of Christ or strengthen the flock.

You can find more information about our beliefs at www.ag.org